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The Denitive Guide To Get RichThere are hundreds of ways to get rich, but you certainly wouldn’t want to try all of them if your life depended on getting rich. Instead you would try the tested path. I could have said the guaranteed path, but as you know – nothing is guaranteed.

A few years earlier I was doing just the same thing that you are doing right now – searching the whole web to discover the secret recipe to get rich. I don’t know what fruits your past endeavours delivered you; but I am sure about one thing : Your search will end today. I’ll tell you how to get rich if your life depended on it. I can tell you this because, at one point of time, my life depended on this.

How To Get Rich If Your Life Depended on It?

My life depended on getting rich, but you know what? I spent 80% of the time pursuing the wrong path. Yes! I wasted 80% of my time trying the worthless methods of getting rich. I can’t say that it was totally my mistake, but I can certainly tell you one thing – There are hundreds of sites out there which preach the wrong method of getting rich. I list below the most popular wrong methods to get rich :

1. Cut expenses, save money & invest wisely

There are hundreds of books out there which preach this method of becoming rich. The authors of these books ask you to save money by cutting your household expenses. They lure you in to believing that by saving money each month & investing wisely, you will be rich by the time you retire (may be after 25-30 years). What rubbish! The purpose, of getting rich, itself is defeated if you spend the major part of your life like a pauper so that one day (after 30 years) you might get a king’s meal.

Such books never make anyone rich except the authors of such books. Nevertheless, you will shocked to realise  that such books are sold in millions. And the demand for such books never decreases. Do you know why? It’s because these books make the dream look easy. While, the truth is far from it. Getting rich is not an easy task. Any thing worth achieving is never an easy task. However, I would like to mention one thing here – It shouldn’t take you more than a couple of years to get rich, if you are on the right track. I’ll tell you later on what’s the right track to get rich.

2. Stock market trading

It’s true that you can become rich trading in the stock market. However, the one thing to note here is this – It takes around 5 to 7 years of rigorous stock market experiments before you strike the gold in stock market. And during these experiments you are bound to lose money. I’ve tried this one out & let me tell you one thing – You might get a little success initially (beginner’s luck), but it becomes nasty afterwords.

Stock market trading could be good method to become rich, if you are an expert already. However, if you are just trying out, then I suggest you – Don’t even think about it. In the best case scenario, you will become rich after 7 years & in the worst case scenario, you will have to declare bankruptcy.

What I am trying to tell you here is that why should you try such risky options when there is a more rational & in fact, scientific method to make you rich. I’m coming to that method in just a few paragraphs.

3. Make money online

I know a few guys out there who make around a million dollars each year using the internet. I totally agree that you too can make millions by leveraging the power of internet. However, the whole make money online stuff is not as simple as it looks. There are various methods of making money online, but only a few of these methods can make you rich. It’s true the you can earn your first dollar in the few months of your online adventure, but let me make make one thing extremely clear : Making money online is a different thing & becoming rich by making money online is a different thing.

If you want to make money online, then search it in Google & you will get more than 2 billion results. Chances are, that by following those methods you will earn your first dollar in just a few months. But then, I’m not here to tell you how to earn  your first dollar. I’m here to tell you how to get rich. Of course, you can get rich by leveraging the power of internet but you don’t have to trouble Google because chances are that you will be misguided by the 2 billion pages out there. So, I’ll make the process simple for you by explaining the right path to you. However, you will have to wait a bit more for that.

4. Join money programs which you do not understand

I have observed that almost every individual in his/her life comes across a weird opportunity that promises to make him or her rich. These opportunities seem too good to be true, yet people decide to embrace them. Most people do not understand the mathematics of such an opportunity, yet they fall for it. Those who understand such opportunities have got a name for them – Scams.

Millions of people have fallen prey to scams; both online & offline. I’ve fallen prey to one as well. But then, I was a kid. Now, It doesn’t take me much time to spot a scam. That’s because I understand how scams work, but the common man is ignorant about the sophisticated instruments of the scammers.

I don’t expect you to become as knowledgeable as me in just a few weeks, however I can definitely expect you to avoid them. In short, do not join programs whose mathematics you do not understand.

Now, that I have told you about the various methods that you shouldn’t try to become rich, it would we sensible to tell you the right method to become rich (Sorry! I kept you waiting, but I think that was important).

The Tried & Tested Method To Get Rich

What I’m going to tell you now is not a secret. In fact, it has been so obvious that people looked at it in disbelief. No matter what anyone says you, the only logical & scientific way to become rich is starting your own business. Yes! You need to become an entrepreneur. Don’t worry about money because I’ve often heard people lament about lack of funds to start their own businesses. I’ll tell you how to get money. Most of the new billionaires you see today, started up with nothing in their pockets. They had to arrange money. I’ll tell you later on, how you too can do that.

Entrepreneurship is the reason why America’s is world’s richest country.

Entrepreneurship is reason why people who never had a home to live are now multi-millionaires.

If you want to become a millionaire than you will have to tread the path of entrepreneurs. If you are willing to join the ranks of entrepreneurs who have made America the richest country in this world then continue reading. However, if you are one those those lazy ones who are still waiting for the secret recipe then you may quit immediately & spend the rest of you life looking for it & never finding it.