With each passing day, the influence of digital media is increasing. Now, not only do you find B2C companies on E-commerce, but the same also holds true for B2B companies. This has paved way for a b2b wholesale platform.

What is b2b platform?

 It is a space that allows B2B companies to build their online presence and conduct their transactions. Shopify B2B is an apt example of this. Previously, Shopify mainly dealt with B2C companies. However, with growing demand, it has also integrated various features to ensure that it is one of the top b2b platforms.

There are various other b2b platform examples in the market. Alibaba, Shopify, and Kinnek are the most popular b2b ecommerce solution. This is why it is often suggested that you conduct a b2b ecommerce platform comparison among them to see which best suits your needs.

As the world is progressing and the E-commerce platforms are maturing, insights have been gathered about what the future of b2b will look like. Here are some factors that matter.

Consistency is desired by b2b customers

Just because your customers are businesses doesn’t mean they are different from other consumers. They too require consistency and excellent customer experience. Customers of B2b prefer solutions that are integrated across all channels. Therefore, Alibaba and Amazon have fared so well. Both deliver. To compete with them, you must invest in cloud-based platforms. This is because these are the only platforms that may deliver across channels. This helps in guaranteeing a memorable customer experience which is the future model.

There is a need for dynamic pricing and price optimization

In a b2b market, businesses are providing their services to other businesses. While you might think that their prices are fixed, most sellers prefer to have flexible prices depending on their relationship with the given buyer. Hence, there is a need for platforms to be able to deliver this. In the future, it is believed that dynamic pricing would be at the crux of B2b models.

Order management is crucial

Another insight is the importance of effective order management. A platform must be able to offer synchronized and integrated order management systems. Processes like Just-in-time order management should be incorporated.


Anyone who is thinking of stepping into B2B E-commerce, make sure you incorporate these insights into your business. This will allow you to get an upper hand.


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