These Are the Best Domains name generator tools for Online Marketers in 2018

Starting any kind of business, whether online or not, can be extremely complicated. In those cases, the best thing that you can do for your business and yourself is to find the best tools that you can work with in order to make everything much simpler and the same is also true when it comes to b2b businesses. The business to business journey can be a very tricky one to get into, but with the right tools, such as the perfect platform, you will be able to make the journey much easier. In today’s article we are going to do a b2b ecommerce platform comparison between two of the best in the USA, Shopify, and Magento, so make sure you keep on reading.


One of the most important factors that you need to think about when choosing the right platform is the scalability of the platform. For a platform to be scalable it needs to be able to grow as your business does so that you don’t find yourself having to switch platforms. You also want to be confident that the platform you choose will be able to accommodate peak demand in the USA without the need for maintaining any excess capacity. When it comes to this factor, Shopify has a very large content delivery network, or CDN for short, and it delivers services across the world very quickly and efficiently, which means that your online store is able to load very quickly. On the other hand, the Magento digital commerce cloud for b2b was launched in 2017 and its purpose is to support even the most complex b2b ecommerce requirements right out of the box.

Product management

Next on this b2b ecommerce platform comparison is product management which is also one of the most crucial factors when choosing an e-commerce platform. Regardless of whether you have a product catalog that is large or small, the point is that every customer will expect to find exactly what they are looking for really quickly and easily. Magento will actually allow you to create customizable catalogs as well as personalized price lists that you can aim at specific group of customers or companies which makes it very easy for them to find everything they need. Shopify, on the other hand, makes it extremely easy for you to add all kind of product information and there are actually a number of different third-party catalog options that you can easily find in the app store of the platform.

User experience

For every business owner, user experience should be the most important factor because that will determine the quality of the journey of your users. When looking for a platform you want to go for something that offers you high-quality templates that will make your site look amazing as well as dashboards that are easy to use while also being extremely useful and efficient. When working with Shopify you will have access to tons of different templates that are both free and paid-for. They can be found in the Theme Store of the platform and every one of them can be updated to suit the specific needs of your brand. When working with Magento, on the other hand, you will also get some great b2b ecommerce themes in the platform’s marketplace, but apart from that, you are also able to find a lot of third party providers which gives you extra options to choose from.

As you can see, when it comes to these great ecommerce platforms there is definitely something in both that you could take advantage of when it comes to your own b2b business in the USA. We hope that this b2b ecommerce platform comparison between Shopify and Magento has helped you out and that we have helped make your choice between the two easier.

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